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TK-C 9300E

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Yüksek Çözünürlüklü Gece-Gündüz Görüşlü Kamera
JVC’s new TK-C900E features ExDR (Extended Dynamic Range) Plus function which is able to clearly display people and characters in the foreground even when they’re up against an extremely brightly lit background. Also, to make the dark parts of the image more clearly visible, it combines Dual Shutter with AGC function to achieve optimal image quality throughout the entire picture.

- High-Resolution of 600 TV Lines -Newly developed 14bit DSP enables industry-leading high quality pictures
- Super LoLuxTM Sensitivity
- Industry-leading S/N Ratio of 52dB
- ExDR Plus – Advanced Wide Dynamic Range
- 3D Noise Reduction
- Up to 128x of Slow Shutter
- Area White Balance
- Black Level Adjustment
- Easy Installation with Well-Conceived Menu
- Variety of Functions for Precise Monitoring
- Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
- 4 Area Patterns for Backlight Compensation (BLC)
- Manual and Auto Tracking White Balance
- 1.4x/2.0x Digital Zoom
- Privacy Mask for protecting against intrusive monitoring
- Display Mode Selection for CRT and LCD
- AUX Terminal
- CCD White Spot Compensation
- Focus Adjustment Mode for accurate focusing
- 24VAC/12VDC Dual Voltage (TK-C9300E) or 220V–240VAC (TK-C9301EG) selectable
- Eco-Friendly Super Low Power Consumption
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